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Living for Music!

Music awakens emotions! We have specialized in analog music reproduction for decades. Not just since the vinyl revival has re-established itself worldwide.

Not only turntables and records are affected by this trend, but also music playback from master tape copies on professional tape machines. In the hi-fi and music lover scene, this is considered the ultimate in analog sound reproduction.

Here, too, we are a leader in Switzerland with the range of restored professional tape machines and the corresponding master tape copies. Our archive contains numerous, very rare original recordings for which we were able to acquire licenses and the best of which we will offer on record and some on tape in the future.

We offer restored Thorens and other record players for the spoiled analogue lover. Many lovers swear by vintage devices. And us too. This offer is supplemented with various accessories, upgrades and our own products made in Switzerland.

Of course, the newly produced Thorens turntables are also available from us.